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Hot Cross Buns Fragrance Oil (pack of 6)

Hot Cross Buns Fragrance Oil (pack of 6)

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Spicy notes of cinnamon blend with a heart of currents and orange peel on a bed of fresh dough to create the unmistakeable scent of fresh hot crossed buns. Loaded with butter this delightful bakery scent will fill you with Easter vibes.

  • 10ml

How to use Fragrance Oils
To use our fragrance oils all you need to do is add a few drops into water inside your diffuser or oil burner. The scent will then emit into the air, if you want a stronger scent add more drops of oil, if you want a weaker scent add a bit more water.

Benzyl benzoate, Vanillin, Coumarin, Octalactone Gamma, Cinnamal, Ethyl maltol, Bicyclononalactone, Rose cétones.